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Department of Chemistry
St. John's University
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Calendar of Events

April 2018
4Metrowomen Chemists Committee
Chemistry Through Social Contexts
Dr. Bhawani Venkataraman, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts
The New School, NY

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5Chemical Marketing And Economics Group
Exciting Trends in Consumer Products
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6New York Local Section
2018 Edward J. McNelis Lecture
Chemistry: Limitless Applications of an Infinite Diversity of Possible Molecular Structures
presented by Prof. Jonathan Ellman
Yale University

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17Biochemical Topical Group
Advances in Translational Models to Study Fibrosis
This symposium will review what is known about the cell and molecular biology of fibrosis and reparative healing, discuss current model systems, and consider the challenges and opportunities for future innovation.
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
Registration Website
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19Long Island Subsection
Guided inquiry in organic chemistry: Using computational methods to introduce molecule building and geometry.
Dr. Racquel DeCicco, Wagner College
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20Microwave Chemistry
Advancing Chemical Synthesis to Meet Discovery Milestones with Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis (MAOS)
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20Hudson - Bergen Subsection
20th Annual Student Research Symposium
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20High School Teachers Topical Group
Demo Derby II
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22New York Local Section
Chemists Celebrate Earth Week - Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
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25New York Local Section
NY/NJ Society for Applied Spectroscopy
Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Addition to Microscopic Analyses and Raman and IR of Particles
Dr. Markus Lankers
Rap.id Gmbh

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26Westchester Chemical Society
Westchester Distinguished Scientist Award Dinner and Student Achievement Awards
Featuring 2018 Awardee
Eugene Stephane Managa, PhD
Bronx Community College
The Control of Spin Dynamics in Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
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27Long Island Subsection
18th Annual Chemistry Challenge
Registration Website
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30Long Island Subsection
Long Island High School Awards - Nomination Deadline
Registration Website
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Dr. Joseph M. Serafin

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